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Alright everyone, this could become quite the lengthy article. So lets cut the small talk and get right down to business!

Since there is so much to talk about that has been happening the past couple months, lets start with the most recent things since that is what most people are going to be talking about right now.

Nintendo Switch


At last, the Nintendo console they have been talking about for at least two years now has finally revealed itself. the console was previously referred to as the codename “Nintendo NX”. While I had really no idea what the “NX” meant, it was pretty catchy and mysterious so I just went along with it. For a long time now, people have been speculating about this console and what it could do. Then came some leaks a while back stating it could be some sort of console/handheld hybrid. It was also saying that the new console would be using cartridges instead of disks. After the reveal trailer this morning it appears that these leaks were correct. At the time of the leaks I had no idea how something like that would work. Now, after it has finally been revealed, I was pretty impressed by the trailer. Not only can you play awesome games such as the new Zelda game coming out, “Breath of the Wild” in HD quality, but you can just take out a portable screen to take with you where ever you go and pick up right where you left off in the game! It even has a stand to prop it up and take out the little mini controllers and play with those.

This trailer was too much for me to handle. After the Wii launched, Nintendo sales were slowly going downhill. I mean sure there were people who loved the Wii and it did have some great games. However, with the lack of 3rd party big name company developing games for the Wii, and the fact it was not in HD, more hardcore gamer were just not interested, leaving the sales of the Wii lacking to what the company thought they were going to be. The Wii U tried to fix this problem. It allowed for HDMI cable hookup to get HD games, yet still no third-party companies would back up this console. The only things the Wii U had going for it was Smash Brothers, Zelda, and Splatoon. Wii U is now 4 years old and Nintendo admits that the console is dead and will no longer continue to support it. The Nintendo Switch looks incredible and a great step up from the Wii U. If you do not want to use the gamepad shown in the picture above then you can purchase the gamepad controller pro as shown in the picture below. I personally will be purchasing this controlling because I prefer classic looking controllers such as this, and it fits my hands better.


Ok, one last bit of information regarding the Nintendo Switch before moving on. It is the moment we have all been waiting for! A huge list has come out of third-party companies willing to support and make games for the Nintendo Switch! In the preview trailer you can clearly see that they are playing Skyrim. This means Bethesda is one of the companies backing this system. While this has me pretty hyped, I am not sure how putting a game like Skyrim on a cartridge would work. Nonetheless, it was specifically shown on purpose so it is indeed happening! For a complete list of companies backing the Nintendo Switch you will have to look it up on google.

There is already a lot of talking going around about this console. As of right now there appears to be no sign of a DVD player or Blu-ray player as apart of the console. This draws red flags for people. People are already expecting this console to fail due to the Nintendo lacking the past few generations. I did hear some rumors that it could potentially play games normally in 1080p and up res to 4K gaming. Another rumor that is circulating right now is the fact that it could have 4K video streaming capabilities. If these rumors come out to be true this console would be pretty similar to the PS 4 Pro that is due out soon, but we will talk about that another time. I personally am super excited for this console and I think it will last much longer than the Wii or the Wii U especially if these recent rumors are true.


Pokemon Sun/Moon


The new Pokemon games are due out in less than a month now and I can not be any more excited! There have been tons of announcements and reveals since the new games were first announced. Finally, two days ago, the special playable demo dropped. I could not wait to download and play this demo. All the reveals has had me hyped beyond belief. After playing the demo I was mostly satisfied with what I played. It was a fun demo. It does seem like they have more tricks up their sleeves though. Overall this demo makes me even more excited to play the full version of the game when it comes out on November 18th.

Spoiler Alert! If you have not played the Pokemon demo and do not want it spoiled please do not read any further!

Now that is out-of-the-way let’s get into the actual details of the demo. You start out seemingly like normal Pokemon games. You had just moved to the new region and you walk around getting familiar with the place. You receive a letter in the mail along with a Pokemon and you were asked to take care of it. The Pokemon is a special Greninja that transforms into Ash-Greninja from the animated Pokemon series XYZ. This is your first Pokemon in the demo and it starts at level 36 I believe. This is already way different from what I thought the demo would be. It was stated that the demo had a separate path from the actual game. This was a small let down because I was really looking forward to messing around with the new starter Pokemon of this generation. Alas, you do not at this time see or even battle against any of the starter Pokemon.

The demo leads you to do a trial that the professor has set up for you. This introduces a new mechanic into Pokemon games called the poke finder. It lets you find Pokemon at a distance and take pictures of them like in the game Pokemon Snap. It sounds a little cheesy but for some reason I found this feature appealing. leading up to the challenge you are basically given a saddle type item and a Tauros that you can ride and smash into rocks blocking the way. You can call him at any time by pressing the Y button. Riding around on this Pokemon is a blast for me. this is also a faster way of getting around since there has been confirmation that there is no bikes or skates like in the previous versions of the game.

Once you complete the trial the professor sets up you are basically done with the main part of the demo. However, there seems to be extra things that you can do. If you go back up north there is trainers you can battle and get a prize as well as n area off to the east after breaking some boulders where there is a Pokemon catching contest. I did this contest because it stated that you could add Pokemon to your party. I caught 5 Pokemon to fill up my party and wanted to leave. The man blocking the way gave me a nugget for catching more than three Pokemon, took my extra pokemon and made me release the ones I caught back into the wild. I was pretty disappointed to say the least.

Last but not least, make sure you go around and talk to every single person in the city. They will give you some valuable information and will make you keep playing the demo for more than one day. I found this to be rather intriguing and I wonder where they are going with this concept.

Well, that is all for now! Until Next time!





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