Standing By Me

Here is some song lyrics i wrote back in 2014. Enjoy!

Standing By Me

Verse One

I once was surrounded by sin
And I felt like giving in
I thought
That old devil
Might just win.

Then one dreadful night
I was at, the lowest i could be.
So I dropped to one knee,
And I felt a hand, resting on me.

I didn’t know who it could be
Even though there was no one there to see,
I knew that someone,
Was standing, standing by me!

Verse Two

As I looked back on that faithful night,
Something was not quite right.
I had to find out who
Had shown me the light

I bumped into a man
I told him my whole story
I asked him, who it could be.
He just smiled, as he knew, what had happened to me

He told me about this man,
Who had everlasting love
And Who lives up above.
He loves me dear,
So there’s nothing to fear.

Even though there’s no one to see,
His name is Jesus
And he is Standing, standing by me!


Standing by me (2X)
Jesus is standing by me
Wherever I am
Wherever I may be
If it’s down on one knee,
Or together we stand.
I can feel him holding my hand
If only they could see,
That I have Jesus Standing, standing by me!


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