One Simple Wish

Here is a poem I wrote back in 2014. Hope you enjoy!


One Simple Wish

As I gaze into
the night-time sky
I can’t help but wonder
Why do I even try.
I can’t help but be
A little selfish.
When all I had,
Was one simple wish.
A wish that just
Won’t come true
No matter what I say
Or what I do.
Why do I feel this way,
This feeling I feel
Almost every day.
I care about
So many people,
They have a place
In my heart,
Without a doubt.
But do I really matter
To the people
Who matter to me?
They see my kindness
And think nothing of it
They are all having fun
While I go to
My room and sit.
All I ever wanted
Was to be wanted.
My one and only wish
Was just to matter.
I think to myself
as I sit here
And sleep steadily draws near
I still wonder
If I should still try
If it’s really that selfish
To believe in something
To believe in one simple wish.


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