I Won’t Give In

Here is some song lyrics I wrote back in 2014. Enjoy!


I Won’t Give In


I thought I knew,
Where to go,
Who to be,
And what I
was meant to do.
Then I found out
I was wrong.
I need to know
Without a doubt
What I’m meant to do
I hope the wait isn’t long.
I feel like
I’m at my lowest
Life is crawling along
At its slowest
Maybe I should
Just give it a rest
I just don’t feel Like
giving my best.


But I gotta stand on my feet
Gotta shake it off
Need to get out
Of the kitchen
If I can’t stand the heat.
Gotta live with no regret
There’s always tomorrow
But can’t take that bet.
gotta act right now
gotta act real fast
Can’t take my bow
can’t worry about my past.
I hope this is for real
I hope it will last
Gotta step it up
Gotta seal the deal


Cause I won’t give in
I won’t give up
can’t stand to lose
gotta go for the win.
Gotta stand up and fight
gotta do what’s right
victory’s in my sight.
won’t see me comin’
Like a ghost in the night.
got nothin’ to fear
Not worried about
What they say,
Or what they hear.
just gotta
keep on goin’
Like the wind
keeps on blowin’
Nothing is gonna
stand in my way,
Just gotta take it
One Step at a time
Night after night
Day after day.
No matter what
They always say.
stuff in the past,
feels like sin.
ain’t gonna last,
Cause I won’t give up
I won’t give in.


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