The One About Fictional Characters

Good afternoon everyone! As a new blogger, I began to think about what I wanted write about. I wanted to make my first blog sooner rather than later. Coming up with a blog topic is always one of the hardest tasks when writing. The hardest task, at least for me, is coming up with a title. Thinking up a title for a story, blog or song always takes longer than writing the actual content itself. As i sat here trying to figure out what to say, the one thing that I could come up with is the latest internet trend that is going around. that’s right, I am going to describe myself using three fictional characters! I know this seems cliché to most of you, trust me I thought about that as well. However, being the new blogger in town, I thought this would be a good way to let everyone know more about me and how I think and do things. It took a little time to think of three fictional characters that describe me. I think I finally found the right combination of characters that really describe me and the way my personality shines in this world. So, without further ado let’s get this thing going!

1. HERCULES (Hercules 1997)


Everyone knows the story of Hercules. There have been different stories told about Hercules in the recent years like the movie Hercules (2014) and The Legend of Hercules (also 2014) for example. For my character however, we go all the way back to the animated version of Hercules (1997). We all know this story of Hercules starts when he is basically a teenager in this small town after a couple finds him at their doorstep so many years before.He tries so hard to fit in with the townsfolk but with his abnormal strength levels, doing everyday normal tasks prove to be quite more challenging than one may think.

While he is just desperately trying to just help people, he ends up making things worse for people by breaking fragile things or even toppling pillars by accident. this always leaves the townsfolk very enraged and constantly asks him to leave the town. He then runs off, his parents finally confront him and tell him something they should have told him a long time ago. They told him he was adopted and that he was left at the doorstep with a medallion that had the name Hercules on the back.

It is around this time frame that Hercules then goes into song. this is one of the many famous songs in the movie. The song is titled “Go the Distance” and it is a very heartfelt and true song. The lyrics are very powerful and personal to me. In the song it talks about how he often dreams of a far away place where a great welcome always waited for him, the crowds cheering when they see his face, and he finally feels that this is where he is meant to be. This is where it starts to get pretty deep for me. I know most of you do not know me at all, so I am going to go into this with fists flying.

I am an only child. While some people wish they could be in my place because they can not stand their sibling, I would have gladly taken their place. I really did not like growing up as an only child. there were never any other kids my age on my block to play with so I always just stayed in the house and play with the little toys and action figures I had. My parents knew I needed someone or something to keep me company so pets were always a no brainer in the house. We all know animals always have a special place in our hearts and is the next thing to a human companion you can’t get.

While this did help me through out the years, I still did not have much social time with other people outside the house. Due to not having much social interaction with people, I never learned how to start a conversation or keep a conversation going. I also had little to no confidence when approaching people I did not know. I became super shy to the point to where even though I actually would try to talk to someone, no words seemed to come out, they would seemingly get stuck in my throat. This hindered me from making any friends in grade school for a very long time. Every time i entered a new grade it would take months just to maybe gain one friend. I always felt out-of-place wherever I went. Even after making friends, it still did not seem real. They always seemed fake and turned on me at every given opportunity.

While I would love to sit here and say that everything is all better today and it’s just the way i want it, that is certainly not the case. Even today, anywhere I go I feel out-of-place. I feel like I am just a fly on the wall and getting in everyone’s way. I am invisible to most everyone and only seen when it is at their convenience. i always feel alone in a crowd of people. I feel like this is not where I am meant to be. I still await the day where I can finally enter a room and everyone be happy that I am there and want me there. I will find that way. I will go most anywhere to find where I belong.

2. GENIE (Aladdin 1992)


Alright, now that the hard part is over it is time to get a little more lighthearted! The movie Aladdin is most likely one of my favorite movies let alone my favorite Disney movie. It is one of the Disney movies I grew up with as a child. I absolutely loved the entire series. In fact, I still have all three movies on VHS. I know I am showing my age here but it is all worth it in the end. After revealing the first character I planned for this blog, I bet many of you thought I would have picked Aladdin over Genie because he is a street rat and does not belong anywhere and all of that. Well, I wanted to show off different sides of my personality and not the same thing over again.

When Aladdin meets Genie, he is trapped in the cave of wonders after his pet monkey Abu touches a treasure he was instructed not to touch. Due to that, the mouth of the cave closed leaving them trapped inside. Abu reveals that he still had the magical lamp they were searching for after Aladdin was led to believe that the weird old man (SPOILER: Jafar in disguise) ran off with it. He then rubs the lamp, and out comes Genie, played by the famous Robin Williams of course. It goes on that Aladdin is trying to trick the genie into getting them all out of the cave without using one of the three wishes that they had. In this moment Genie goes into one of the famous songs in the movie that the picture above plainly states.

I think the phrase by itself very accurately describes how I treat people who want to truly be my friend. When they decide that they really want to be my friend, they have really made the best choice ever made. I say this knowing that I am biased towards myself, but it is indeed true. They have never had a friend quite like me. I will bend over backwards for them, I will do anything for them if I knew I could help them in any way that I could, and I would even take a bullet for them if I had to. This might come as a surprise to many of you. Who would go to such great lengths for people who may not even return the favor? Well, while it is true that they could possibly not feel the same way as I do, but by this time in the friendship, you have gained my up most trust and respect. When that happens, I will do most anything for my friends within reason. I know I may get taken advantage of by some people, but that is the price to pay for being who I am and being nice to people who are not always nice to me back.

3. GOKU (Dragonball Z 2013)


I am sure many of you are very surprised with my choice on the third character. After talking about two different Disney characters mentioned above, I bet all of you were expecting another Disney character to tie everything together nicely. While that would have been nice to do, I simply could not leave this character out.

Not only did I grow up on Disney movies such as Hercules and Aladdin, but I also grew up on this show, Dragonball Z, as well. I was really into this show as a kid. I would even collect the action figures and played with them in the car whenever we went on long trips to keep myself entertained. In this series, there are tons of plots and bad guys that I can not even begin to get into right now. Goku himself is the main character in the story. He was born from an alien race called the Saiyans and was sent to earth as a baby to one day conquer it and claim it for the Saiyans. Upon arrival to earth in his little space pod, Goku hit his head and had no memory of what his place was or his personality as a Saiyan. An elderly man found him and took him in as his own. Now, Goku as an adult finds out he is a Saiyan whose powers increase with every near death experience they face.

Through the many challenges Goku faced, and the many obstacles he overcame with the super powerful enemies he always had to beat to save the planet, he always kept one thing, his determination. He was always fighting for the ones he loved, and because of that he always grew stronger and stronger. It was because he was mourning the loss of his best friend Krillin to the hands of the evil Frieza on planet Namek, that he gained the strength he needed to turn into a Super Saiyan. A Saiyan who could increase his power and speed tenfold was legendary and unheard of.

If anyone were to dare and mess with anyone I cared for, I always somehow find the inner strength necessary to stand up in the face of danger and fight. Even though I most likely wont win, You better believe I will go down fighting for what I believe in and for my loved ones. Even though Goku is a made up character in an animated world, I always looked up to him as a kid. He was the kind of person who never gave up when facing the seemingly impossible. I would even sometimes have dreams that I had his powers to shoot energy beams from my hands or even the ability to fly. I just wanted to be like him even though it was physically impossible. I know many of you might be saying that I should not have been allowed to watch this as a kid or anything of that nature. However, I am so glad that I did because it taught me to never give up when facing any of the dangers in life.


Well, we have now come to the end of this blog. Those are the three fictional characters that I feel truly describe me and who I am as a person. For those of you that do know me, do you agree or disagree? Please let me know if you have three fictional characters that you think would really describe me. I would love to know which three define who you are! place your thoughts in the comment section!








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